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Why AI Ethics

The capabilities of artificial intelligence and its uses across industries like education, law enforcement, and medicine raise serious questions about how it will impact people, society, and the world. Today’s students must learn how to participate in and lead these critical conversations. The resources we’ve developed are designed to do just that!

What’s included?

Each Young Innovators Lesson Includes:

A short animated video explaining an important topic in AI ethics

Case Study

A real-world scenario that demonstrates the ethical questions at hand


An interactive activity exploring that asks students to take on a leadership role and consider the possible ethical considerations


 Whole-class questions to reflect on experience and consider perspectives.


An Exit Ticket to verify student understanding

Young Innovators is a project of Pedagogy.Cloud. Check out our other projects! provides teachers with professional development, including courses, webinars, and in-person events, and tools that help teachers streamline their work with AI. helps teachers integrate AI chat bots into their classrooms to provide personalized learning opportunities in a safe and monitored way.