Lesson Plans :

45 - 60 Mins
The Ethics of AI Child Monitoring: Surveillance or Safety?

This lesson builds critical thinking and ethical awareness in students as they navigate the complex issue of child monitoring apps and AI technology. By exploring real-world scenarios and ethical dilemmas, students gain a deeper understanding of the delicate balance between privacy and safety, consent and autonomy, and the impact on family relationships. This lesson equips […]

60 - 75 Mins
Virtual Therapy: Embodied AI in Mental Health Care

This lesson tackles a controversial emerging technology that could impact many vulnerable individuals. As artificial intelligence advances, chatbots, virtual avatars, and other AI agents are taking on roles similar to human counselors and therapists. On the surface this seems like it could expand access to support for people struggling with their mental health. However, these […]

60 Mins
AI in Medical Diagnostics: Trusting Machines with our Health

AI is rapidly filtering into real-world healthcare, yet its implications are not commonly considered. This lesson builds understanding on how AI is transforming medical practice, along with ethical dilemmas around its usage, through accessible cases and activities. Students analyze promises and perils of emerging tech on their own health, gaining critical faculties to evaluate AI […]

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