Lesson Plans :

Approximately 50 - 60 minutes
The Ethics of AI in Financial Markets: Profit vs. Principle

This lesson introduces students to the growing influence of AI in finance, a field that significantly impacts our economy and daily lives, providing a basic understanding of modern financial dynamics. By exploring both the potential and the pitfalls of AI in financial decision-making, students develop critical thinking skills and learn the importance of ethical considerations […]

60 Mins
AI in Hiring Practices: Efficiency or Bias?

This lesson on the use of AI in hiring practices is crucial for students as it explores a real-world application of technology that is increasingly influencing the job market they will soon enter. By exploring AI’s role in screening applicants and making hiring decisions, students gain insight into how technology can both optimize processes and […]

60 - 75 Mins
AI and the Ethics of Personal Marketing: Personalization or Intrusion?

This lesson helps equip students with a nuanced understanding of how technology intersects with everyday life. It introduces them to key concepts in modern digital marketing, and fosters critical thinking about the ethical implications of AI, such as privacy, autonomy, and fairness. By engaging with real-world scenarios and ethical dilemmas, students develop a deeper awareness […]

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