Lesson Plans :

Approximately 60 minutes
Behind the Screen: AI and the Ethics of Social Media Algorithms

This lesson addresses the intersection of technology and ethics, a rapidly growing area of importance in our digital world. By exploring the use of AI in social media, it helps students understand and critically evaluate how their online experiences are shaped, fostering digital literacy and responsible online behavior. The discussion of ethical dilemmas in AI […]

60 - 90 Mins
AI Deepfakes: The Impact on Truth in Media

This lesson raises awareness about the ethical implications and societal impact of deepfake technology, a rapidly evolving field in artificial intelligence. It teaches critical thinking and media literacy skills, enabling students to consider how they would tell the difference between real and manipulated content in an era where digital misinformation is prevalent. By exploring the […]

45 - 75 Mins
The Gender of AI Assistants: Personifying Technology

This lesson is at the intersection of technology and societal norms, particularly focusing on how AI voice assistants reflect and potentially reinforce gender stereotypes. It encourages critical thinking among students about the ethical implications of gender representation in emerging technologies, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity. By examining the reasons behind gendered AI and […]

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