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Approximately 45 - 60 minutes
Eco-Ethics: AI Use in Climate Change Mitigation

This lesson addresses the varied role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in addressing environmental challenges and climate change, highlighting both its potential benefits and the ethical dilemmas it presents. Through a video, a case study, and a simulation activity, students will explore how AI can contribute to sustainable practices, such as wildlife conservation and energy efficiency, […]

Approximately 50 - 60 minutes
The Ethics of AI in Financial Markets: Profit vs. Principle

This lesson introduces students to the growing influence of AI in finance, a field that significantly impacts our economy and daily lives, providing a basic understanding of modern financial dynamics. By exploring both the potential and the pitfalls of AI in financial decision-making, students develop critical thinking skills and learn the importance of ethical considerations […]

Approximately 60 minutes
Behind the Screen: AI and the Ethics of Social Media Algorithms

This lesson addresses the intersection of technology and ethics, a rapidly growing area of importance in our digital world. By exploring the use of AI in social media, it helps students understand and critically evaluate how their online experiences are shaped, fostering digital literacy and responsible online behavior. The discussion of ethical dilemmas in AI […]

45 - 60 Mins
AI Under One Roof: The Ethics of Smart Homes

This lesson equips students with a critical understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of smart home technology and its integration into daily life, building awareness about privacy, security, and ethical implications. By exploring the practical applications and potential challenges of AI in residential settings, students learn to navigate the benefits and risks of digital advancements […]